An International Picture of Death

Photo © 2011 Kamal /

Photo © 2011 Kamal /

An International Picture of Death  

Death and bereavement cut our hearts like a knife. We grieve.  We reach out for symbols to show that we have been touched by the death of another. Knowledge of the inevitable faces us.

This 21st century photograph art project was taken at Notre-Dame- de- Neiges Cemetery (also known as the Mount Royal Cemetery) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  This is one of the oldest rural cemeteries in North America, having been founded in 1852. The photographs show us the diversity of a multi-cultural society.  The bereavement symbols chosen show love and respect for people who have come to Montreal from different countries and cultures.  This photograph exhibition illustrates that death is international.

Societies have, for centuries, used symbols of remembrance and grave markers to record the lives and deaths of people. As shown by these photographs, the symbols become works of art. The grave markers and their location provide a historical context of the time and culture of the person who died.  They are telling us a story about life and death.

Text © 2011 Charalee Graydon /


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